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I'm Bob McCrillis. I like to write stories that are a little exciting and have a love story as an element. I've found that a touch of humor helps blend those elements together.


I've published two short story collections that you might enjoy -- one of my readers told me that she liked them because they were engaging enough to take her mind off the subway and short enough to finish before she got to work. Maybe not the highest praise for  a writer, but...

I have a historical western romance due for release in February. It's set in post-Civil War Kansas. In it, we learn a little about that time and the agony of reconciliation. Please watch for an announcement here, or sign up for my newsletter.


The Bucks County Short Fiction judges awarded first prize to my short story Motel Oklahoma

To get your FREE copy click  below

Praise for Puckerbrush


It soars!

    Barbara Shook Hazen

Riviting to the bitter end...

    International Review of Books

Gritty and engaging storytelling

    John Reibow

What a great read!

    Michael Seidner

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