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A modern day Huck Finn's adventures as he finds his way through the tangled underbrush of the adult world. On the way, he meets heartache, humor, a touch a magic, and himself.

And, Puckerbrush? It's the Northern New England slang for the thick tangle of birch and alder saplings, wild grape, and briars that fill in burn scars and abandoned fields where the old growth forests used to be.

We also say that a man who's caught in a situation with no clear way out is "lost in the puckerbrush"

It's June of 1967. Young people are answering

San Francisco's call by the thousands. As the song says: "people in motion." 

After two mediocre years in college, John Bennett responded to the siren song and set out in his finned and chrome-laden Plymouth. Working his way cross country, was a last fling before enlisting in the Marines.

Of course, things don't always work out as planned.

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