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Who Am I?

No, not in an existential sense but in the objective reality sense. This, of course, assumes that such a thing as reality exists separate from human consciousness. Good Lord, I’ve wandered off again.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve told stories.

Three huge tides of change have swept through American life during my lifetime – Viet Nam, the Civil Rights struggle, and the Sexual Revolution. These powerful currents left no one unaffected and many changed forever. The rules we lived by were shattered by waves of technology and tensions.  We learned new roles, we questioned age-old truths, and we all have experienced the flood of unintended consequences.

What about the individuals caught in the rising waters or adrift on the oceans of new experiences? My stories are usually about that human impact. I hope they entertain you and, perhaps, tickle an insight into another life.

Mundane facts: I was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We never lived there but it was the closest town to where we lived in Maine with a hospital. I grew up marinated in the flinty, deep-blue Puritanism of Northern New England that worshiped discipline, restraint, and hard work. All of which I rejected.

My wife and I now live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with our dog, Daisy. In addition to her good looks, she is a therapy dog that works with children under stress in schools, the courts and the local hospital. In the above photo, I'm playing with two dogs no longer with us, Maggie and Rocky. Maggie was also a therapy dog, while Rocky specialized in looking good.

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