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Key to knowing if you're hip

You must drive (or claim to drive) a vintage car. This shows that you aren't part of the herd. Don't believe me?

This is a 1964 Pontiac GTO, one of the coolest cars ever. It is featured in a bank commercial in which four losers are riding around in a car like this but have to deposit Grandma's birthday check (via a mobile app) so they can buy gas.

The car is cherry, somewhat at variance to the losers


The turkey (an actual bird) who's shilling a quit-smoking pill. You know, not "cold turkey" but...

And what does he drive? A '76 Bronco.

Advertisers are convinced that cool people drive cool vintage cars and that we will associate our lust for the cars with whatever crap they're selling.

And, it's working. I quit 25 years ago but am going to try the pills so I can be cool (and maybe get an old Bronco)

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